The Backbone of the Educational Process

Instructor in classThe office of Academic Affairs is responsible for the planning, administration, and evaluation of Gallena University's programs. The office oversees the development of programs in three distinct areas. Student Learning and Development offers programs designed to strengthen student study habits, computer skills, and walk students through the process of applying to masters and doctoral programs beyond Gallena. Research Programs teach students the basics of academic research at our newly-built state-of-the-art research facility, from online researching in association with other top universities around the world to the ongoing projects of our own professors and their research assistant needs. Finally, Experiential Opportunities provide quality, relevant internships for students in a variety of fields and businesses, both locally and globally.

Gallena University believes in helping each one of its 3,950 students achieves maximum potential during his or her time with us, and actively creates and reviews educational programs to ensure said potential is reached. In conjunction with the office of the Education Superintendent of Gallena County, the Office of Education at GU seeks to maintain a supportive educational environment to ensure educational and vocational success both before and after graduation.

Additionally, the Gallena County Student Power Up! Program connects GU students and alumni with local elementary, junior high, and high school students in need of tutoring and mentoring; in 2011 over two thousand struggling students in Gallena County benefited from the involvement of GU students and alumni in their lives.

Visit our office to learn more about the many support programs designed to help GU students be more competitive in school, career, and in the pursuit of graduate and doctorate degrees. Your success is our priority.